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Tuen Mun (Butterfly Beach)

Tuen Mun (Butterfly Beach)

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Butterfly Beach, also known as Tuen Mun South, is located in the southwestern part of Tuen Mun town centre. You may enjoy a leisurely day in Tuen Mun by going to Butterfly Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Tuen Mun District, strolling along Tuen Mun Promenade, enjoying the scenery of Urmston Road, and watching the beautiful sunset glow.

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Tuen Mun Ferry Pier LR Station


Tuen Mun Ferry Pier Bus Terminus


507, 610, 614, 614P, 615, 615P


59A, 59M, 59X, 506

Butterfly Beach Park


Butterfly Beach Park covers an area of approx. 6.3 hectares, and has a variety of facilities, including beach, garden, kiosk, barbecue site, camp site, maze, children's playground and fitness ground for the elderly, etc. Butterfly Beach is a well-known scenic spot attracting tourists especially for its gorgeous sunset, and also the starting point of Tuen Mun Promenade. During the holidays, numerous tourists make a special trip to the beach enjoying the beautiful sight integrating water and the sky, or relax themselves by taking a brisk walk in the park.


Melody Garden, Wu Chui Road Station


Melody Garden, Wu Chui Road Station
Butterfly Beach Park Bus Stop


610, 615, 615P


59A, 59M, 259D, 259X, 506, 962, 962X
A33, K52 



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Tour time: Approx. 30 minutes






Short comments:
There are several accessible toilets for handicapped visitors in the park, but some ramps are blocked by railings and need to be bypassed. There are too few signs and maps to provide clear guidance for tourists.



Most barbecue stoves have fixed seats around them, which, however, are too narrow for a wheelchair.

The wide walkways in the park are partially floored with boards, but many of the boards are damaged and marked with red adhesive tape and should be crossed with caution.



Address: Butterfly Beach, Tuen Mun

Kwun Yam Statue

Before the reclamation started at Butterfly Beach, a promontory protruded on the southwest side of Castle Peak Bay in Tuen Mun, which was formerly known as Pak Kok and is now where Kwun Yam Statue locates. Fishermen in the Tuen Mun area would worship Kwun Yam before going to the sea and pray for blessings on a safe journey. Over time, believers built Kwun Yam Temple at the beach of Butterfly Beach. Now, the incense and candle in the temple is still prosperous, and Buddhism organizations regularly hold Dharma services and Buddhist philosophy lectures here, attracting many faithful believers.


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Tour time: Approx. 15 minutes




Short comments:

Kwun Yam Statue is only accessible by a stairway, which is a handicap to wheelchair users.

Address: Butterfly Beach, Tuen Mun

Ocean Walk

Ocean Walk is a large shopping mall in Tuen Mun District, with an area of approx. 100,000 square feet. It is located on the top of Tuen Mun Ferry Pier LR Station and Tuen Mun Ferry Pier public transport interchange, and is adjacent to Tuen Mun Ferry Pier. There are a wide variety of stores in the shopping mall to provide almost everything from catering, services to household goods.


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Tour time: Approx. 30 minutes




Short comments:
There are wide passageways, service counters for wheelchair users and accessible toilets with automatic induction function in Ocean Walk. A pedestrian overcrossing connects the shopping mall with Siu Hei Shopping Centre on the other side. Ocean Walk has only one floor for people to enjoy shopping without going up and down stairs by taking the lift.



You need to take a lift from the light rail station to the shopping mall, but only one of the two lifts stops on the first floor where the mall locates.

Address: No. 168-236 Wu Chui Road, Tuen Mun

Tuen Mun Ferry Pier Check Point 1

Tuen Mun Ferry Pier was once a popular cross-border ferry terminal connecting Tuen Mun, Zhuhai, Macao and other places, but only the routes to Tung Chung, Sha Lo Wan and Tai O remains after route reduction in recent years.


Address: On the Coast to the South of Pierhead Garden, Wu Chui Road, Tuen Mun

Tuen Mun Promenade


Tuen Mun Promenade is located to the west and adjacent to Butterfly Beach Park. The promenade with an overall length of approx. Two kilometres attracts many tourists to walk and fish, feeling the comfortable sea breeze blowing. The long dike of typhoon shelter is at the end of the promenade, where you can appreciate the seascape along Urmston Road.


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Tour time: Approx. 30 minutes


A Hong Kong film which shot the scene of long dike's lighthouse at the end of Tuen Mun Promenade and made it to feel like being in Japan, makes it a photogenic spot attractive for numerous tourists.

Short comments:
Starting from Tuen Mun Beach Park and ending at Tuen Mun Marina Garden House 1, Tuen Mun Promenade is divided into east and west sections around the central point of Tuen Mun Ferry Pier. In the east section, there are two viewing stands which are connected by stairways and not wheelchair accessible. However, wheelchair users may still enjoy the sea view on the waterfront and at the end of the long dike.


As the west section is cut off by stairs without any prompt along the way, handicapped tourists need to turn back and go to Butterfly Beach Park through the ramp. In the middle section, there is also a toilet for tourists near Tuen Mun Richland Garden Shopping Arcade.




Address: On the Coast to the South of Wu Chui Road, Tuen Mu

Parking Spaces Designated for the Disabled

(1) Butterfly Beach Park Wu Shan Road, Tuen Mun ×1
  (2) Kwun Yam Statue Wu Shan Road, Tuen Mun ×1
  Tuen Mun Ferry Pier CP1 Wu Shan Road, Tuen Mun ×1
  (3) Ocean Walk Wu Shan Road, Tuen Mun ×1
  (4) Tuen Mun Promenade Wu Shan Road, Tuen Mun ×1
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