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Aberdeen Reservoirs

Aberdeen Reservoirs

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Aberdeen Reservoirs are situated inside Aberdeen Country Park, consisting of Aberdeen Upper Reservoir and Aberdeen Lower Reservoir, with total capacity of 1.23 million cubic metres of water. This route will start from Aberdeen Fitness Trail and reach to the dam of Aberdeen Upper Reservoir, passing through Aberdeen P.H.A.B. Barbecue Area with many facilities for the disabled.

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Central Station

To Shek Pai Wan bus station
Citybus 7, 70P or NWFB 971


Exit A (lift to/from the ground)



Low-floor bus
Get off at bus station at Hoy Au Lau of Yue Kwong Chuen




Take the lift at the exit A of the MTR Central Station to the ground, go about 300 metres along the Connaught Road Central to the direction of Sheung Wan, arrive at the bus stop outside the Head Office of Hang Seng Bank, take Bus Line 7 to Shek Pai Wan, and get off at the bus station at Hoy Au Lau of Yue Kwong Chuen.

The path from bus station to the entrance of Aberdeen Reservoirs is very steep, with a slope of 1:5. It is recommended that wheelchair users take the taxi to the entrance directly or go with companion.


Get off at the alighting stop at Hoy Au Lau of Yue Kwong Chuen  Get to the entrance of Aberdeen Reservoirs via a steep slope.


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Tour time: Approx. 3 hours


Dam of Aberdeen Upper Reservoir

There is a crossroad at the entrance of Aberdeen Reservoirs, leading to the Upper Reservoir and the Lower Reservoir respectively. This time, we start from the left road to the Upper Reservoir and will pass through several barbecue areas. The whole road is rather flat, with only a few gentle slopes. Some sections are shaded by trees, and wheelchair users can complete the whole journey easily. The dam of the Upper Reservoir, the stone bridge, the valve house and the dam of the Lower Reservoir are all listed in Declared Monuments. The stone bridge adopts the European style and is very distinctive. The valve house is influenced by the Renaissance style. Looking down from the dam, you can see the stone bridge. It takes about 1 hour for the whole trip. As Aberdeen Reservoirs are close to the urban area and its route is simple, many citizens come here for hiking on the holiday to get out of the bustle of the city.



At the end of the dam of the Upper Reservoir, the uphill road is very steep and there are anti-slip pits on the ground. Therefore, wheelchair users are not recommended to continue to move forward. After visiting the main dam, they can turn back along the road.



Address: Aberdeen Country Park

Aberdeen Nature Trail

The Aberdeen Nature Trail orbits around southern to eastern rim of Aberdeen Lower Reservoir and extends to the Upper Reservoir. The entrance is located at the end of the dam of the Lower Reservoir, with a total length of about 1.2 km. The common plants in the Nature Trail include Brisbane Box, Schima superba, Hong Kong Gordonia, Ivy Tree, Rose Myrtle and other vine plants. Along the road, there are some signboards which can be used to deepen the understanding of the natural environment.


Short comments:

The Aberdeen Nature Trail is only about 1.2 kilometres long and can reach to the Upper Reservoir via the Lower Reservoir. You can enjoy the scenery of the two reservoirs along the way. But unfortunately, there are many steps along the way which will stop wheelchair users.


Address: Aberdeen Country Park

Aberdeen P.H.A.B. Park


Aberdeen P.H.A.B park is located in Aberdeen Country Park. It is less than 10 minutes of walk to the left from the entrance that can reach Aberdeen P.H.A.B Park and Aberdeen Wheelchair Course. The park is equipped with a number of barrier-free facilities, including barbecue stoves suitable for wheelchair users, a wheelchair trail, accessible toilets, as well as a tai chi platform, a fitness trail, children's recreation facilities and a tree trail. You can not only enjoy the fun of barbecue, but also throw yourself in the Nature, learning knowledge of different plants around you.


Move forward along the fitness trail and you will arrive at No. 2 and No. 3 barbecue area. The barbecue stoves in three barbecue areas are different in designs, and only some of them are suitable for wheelchair users.











Address: Aberdeen Country Park

Check Point 1 Aberdeen Tree Centre


Located next to the park, Aberdeen Tree Centre was a former country park visitor centre, and was built in 2008. It is a tree-themed education centre with various tree-themed exhibition panels, 3D models, computer kiosk, interactive game zone and video shows.


Opening hours:

Saturday, Sunday and public holidays:

9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Closed on the first and second day of the Chinese New Year

Parking Spaces Designated for the Disabled

Aberdeen Reservoirs Aberdeen Yue Kwong Road × 1


There are wild boars in Aberdeen Country Park, and a notice board is also set up to remind the public of the presence of wild boars. Tourists should keep distance when encountering wild boars. Do not interfere or feed wild boars.


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