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Victoria Peak

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Victoria Peak, or commonly referred to as the peak, is the highest point on Hong Kong Island. Visitors can enjoy the spectacular skyscrapers and Victoria Harbour of Hong Kong. In early evening sparkling skyscrapers is just like a dazzling galaxy of light. This makes the views of one of the world’s most spectacular cityscape for tourists around the world.

(Last updated: 6/1/2022)


1. Bus

Bus Route

Origin ↔ Destination



Central (Pier No.5) ← →The Peak


Central (Star Ferry Pier) ← →The Peak

15B (Holidays only)

Wan Chai (HKCEC) ← →The Peak

Wheelchair users can to get to the bus stop at Exchange Square from MTR Hong Kong station. Take the elevator near Exit A to G/F at the concourse, turn right on Man Yiu Street when you leave from Man Cheung Street (mind the ramp), and from there you can get to the bus stop from Harbour View Street.



Visitors choose to take the tram to the peak at the tram terminal at Garden Road. Please be aware that each tram can only take one manual wheelchair with the size less than 24 inches, and will require the assistance from the staff.


Opening hours:7:00 am - 10:00 pm

Tel: 2522 0922

Website: https://www.thepeak.com.hk/zh-hant


One Way

Round Trip




Children (aged between 3 and 11) / Elderly(aged 65 or above)



Mount Austin Playground

Mount Austin Playground was once the garden to the residence of the former Governor of Hong Kong. The Victorian buildings expressed an elegant and harmonised composition. The green lawn, classical red brick architecture, European pavilions and water fountains make you feel you like you're in another country. This is a place where the newlywed come for weeding pictures.


Short Comments: It only takes 5 to 10 minutes by walking uphill along Mt Austin Road next to the Peak Lookout. As it has a big ramp, wheelchair users may require assistance. There are limited dropped kerb, wheelchair users need to go to the Mount Austin Playground by road. We suggest that you think twice about your own conditions before going.


Tips: Victoria Peak Garden is about a 30 minutes' walk up the Mount Austin Playground. It is the highest point of Victoria Peak. However it is not recommended for wheelchair users and disabled as it has a much bigger ramp.


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Suggested Length of Stay: Approx 15 - 30 minutes 



Address: Mt Austin Road, The Peak

Peak Circle Walk

Peak Circle Walk

Peak Circle Walk is one of the few wheelchair friendly hiking trails. It circles around The Peak, and brings you different angles of the vibrant and bustling landscape of Hong Kong. It is a must-go for all visitors.


As you start from Harlech Road (or you can start counterclockwise from Lugard Road), you will arrive at the Lugard Falls. During the rainy season, you can enjoy the ravaging fall. Harlech Road is a very easy walk with beautiful scenery. Walk further, and you will arrive Lugard Road. The road was named after Hong Kong governor Sir Frederick John Dealtry Lugard and built between 1913 and 1914. Part of the road is built in wooden planks, and you can have a 360-degree of the Victoria Harbour. It is definitely a good opportunity for photos!


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Suggested Length of Stay: Approx 1 hour 30 minutes - 2 hours


Address: Lugard Road / Harlech Road, The Peak

The Peak Galleria


There are two shopping centers on The Peak: Peak Galleria and the Peak Tower. There are plenty of restaurants, shopping and entertainment choices for tourists.


Designed with decorative art style, Peak Galleria has variety of shops and restaurants with local specialties. The mall often hold various exhibitions and activities introducing local art and culture. We strongly recommend you to go to the “Green Terrace” on the third floor. Visitors can enjoy the spectacular scenery of Victoria Harbour, as well as the distant Pok Fu Lam Reservoir and South China Sea for free.


Short Comments: Telescopes at the rooftop viewing platform of the Peak Galleria are with altitude not suitable for wheelchair users. It is suggested that parties concerned could add more telescopes at a lower altitude for wheelchair users to enjoy the scene.


Address: 118 Peak Road, The Peak 

The Peak Tower

The Peak Tower is a bowl-shaped architecture designed by English designer Terry Farrell. The top floor is an observatory deck that requires an entry fee, situated at 428 meters of altitude, called “Sky Terrace 428”. Here you can have a magnificent view over Victoria Harbour. Apart from all sorts of shops that sell souvenirs and handicrafts, there is even a “Madame Tussauds” that feature hundreds of wax figures of internationally and Asia celebrities. You can always take photos with the star you like!


Sky Terrace 428

Opening hours: 10:00 am - 09:00 pm (Monday to Friday)
  08:00 am - 09:00 pm (Saturday, Sunday and public holiday)

Tel: 2849 0668

Website: https://www.thepeak.com.hk/zh-hant

Ticket: $52 (Adult); $26 (Children between age of 3 and 11 / Elderly visitors aged 65 or above) 

(For the package offer with the Peak Tram, please go to the official website for more information)


Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

Opening hours: 11:00 am - 08:00 pm

Tel: 2849 6966

Website: www.madametussauds.com/hong-kong


(There are different package of Madame Tussauds, Sky Terrace 428 and the Peak Tram. It is highly suggested to go to the official website for more information. Advance booking is highly recommended.)


Short comments: Inside the Peak Tower, there is accessible toilet and lifts reaching each floor; while the restaurant next to the entrance of the Wax Museum is having an open design which is convenient for the disabled. And the wheelchairs users can contact the staffs to take the lift to visit Sky Terrace.

Lions View Point Pavilion

The Lions View Point Pavilion located next to the Peak Tower is the most famous amongst other Lions Pavilion in Hong Kong, and is a hot spot for appreciating Victoria Harbor and the city’s skyline of tall buildings. Visitors can go along Findlay Path towards the Lions Pavilion. This Lions Pavilion is built by donations from the Lions Club of Tai Ping Shan, with its opening ceremony hosted by the then Urban Council Chairman JP Arnaldo de Oliveira Sales on the 3rd of September 1976. The Pavilion was restored in 1992 and reopened by the then Urban Council Chairman Mr. Leung Ding Bong on the 20th of June of the same year. 


Short comments: Inside the Lions View Point Pavilion are flights of steps where wheelchair users cannot enter. However, visitors can still enjoy the scenes at the Findlay Path where there are a number of specialty stalls selling interesting souvenirs.


Both Garden Road Peak Tram Lower Terminus and Peak Tram Upper Terminus are located in the slope, the wheelchairs users shoud care for safety of boarding and alighting.

Parking Spaces Designated for the Disabled

Mount Austin Playground     Mount Austin Road Carpark, Peak x1
  Peak Circle Walk   Plunkett’s Road, The Peak x1 
  The Peak Galleria, The Peak Tower,
Lions View Point Pavilion
  Plunkett’s Road, The Peak x1
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