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There is a monument in the garden. According to legend, Zhao Shi, the second last emperor of the Southern Sung Dynasty, and his younger brother Zhao Bing hid on the Sacred Hill in Kowloon Walled City in order to escape the Yuen army. After Zhao Shi 's death, local villagers took a huge stone from the hill where he had taken refuge and made it a monument called "Sung Wong Toi". After World War II, the Sacred Hill was levelled in cooperation with the Kai Tak Airport expansion project. Because of this, the huge stone was cut to obtain the present Sung Wong Toi Monument, which was then moved to the current garden as a historical site.


(Last updated: 22/1/2022)

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Sung Wong Toi Station

MTR discovered a large number of historical relics during the construction of Sung Wong Toi Station. Afterwards, it commissioned archaeological experts to carry out archaeological work within the project area. As a result, a large number of archaeological relics from the Sung Dynasty and the Yuen Dynasty were unearthed, where a total of 700,000 cultural relics were discovered, including the celadon censer with eight-diagram pattern of the Yuen Dynasty, statue of the Medicine King, copper coins and stone wells of the Sung Dynasty, and various celadon porcelain fragments. 400 exhibits of them were selected by the Antiquities Office for display in the station, allowing the public to understand the historical changes and living conditions of Hong Kong during the Sung and the Yuen Dynasty. Affected by the discovery of those antiquities, a pedestrian bridge, instead of a pedestrian underpass, was built as the connection between Exit C and Pak Tai Street.

Sung and Yuen Dynasty relics in the station hall


Address: MTR Tuen Ma Line, Sung Wong Toi Station

Sung Wong Toi Garden

The current site of the Garden was completed at the end of 1959. Its entrance located on Sung Wong Toi Road, with four stone pillars in front of the gate. A pool stands at the center, next to which the inscription of the Sung Wong Toi relics in Kowloon is placed. The monument with the characters "Sung Wong Toi" is in the inner part of the garden, which commemorates the history when the last Southern Sung Emperor Chiu Ha and his younger brother Chiu Ming escaped here.



MTR: leave from Exit D of Sung Wong Tai Station, take the lift to the ground, and go straight towards Ma Tau Chung Road.


Address: Sung Wong Toi Road, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon

Parking Spaces Designated for the Disabled

Sung Wong Toi Station   Shing Tak Street, Ma Tau Wai x2
      Nga Tsin Long Road, Kowloon City x2
  Sung Wong Toi Garden   Shing Tak Street, Ma Tau Wai x2
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