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Central District (I)

Central District (I)

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Central is the earliest developed district in Hong Kong with many distinguish scenery spots. In recent years, Central has actively developed cultural tourism line, which Central and Western Heritage Trail and Dr Sun Yat-sen Historical Trail have attracted numerous Chinese and foreign visitors. There will be 2 routes in the Central - Central District (I) and (II). Central District (I) route will first introduce Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum and Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens.

(Last updated: 13/8/2018)

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Bus Route

Origin ← → Destination

Alighting Stop



Central Ferry Pier ↔ Robinson Road

Caine Road

(Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum)


Admiralty (Tamar Street) ↔ Park Road


Central (City Hall) ↔ Kotewall Road (Mid-levels)


North Point Ferry Pier ↔ Pokfield Road


Braemar Hill ↔ Robinson Road


Wah Fu (North) ↔ Wanchai Ferry Pier


Chuk Yuen ↔ Pokfield Road

* low-floor bus

Enquiry about other routes could be made to City Bus at 28730818

Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum


Visitors after alighting at Caine Road near Castle Road will easily see an archaic building, which is the Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum situated at the then Castle Road Kom Tong Hall. Kom Tong Hall is built in 1914 by Ho Kom-tong, the second younger brother of the wealthy merchant Hotung. In 1960, Kom Tong Hall is sold to the Cheng’s Clan, who later resell to the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-days Saints as a gathering place. In 1990, Kom Tong Hall is accorded status Grade 2 historic building by the Antiquities Advisory Board. Till 2002, the church applies to the Building Authority to demolish and rebuild Kom Tong Hall, while numerous citizens and civil organizations strongly express their wishes to retain the British building with such distinguish architectural style. The SAR government thus purchased Kom Tong Hall from the church for 53 million and further spent 91 million to restore and convert the building into the Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum. The museum now displays exhibits introducing the life of Father of the Nation Sun Yat-sen and his relationship with Hong Kong. Recently in Dec 2009, Kom Tong Hall is confirmed as a Grade 1 historical building.


Short comment: Although Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum is a historical building, facilities such as lift, disabled washroom and ramp which enable all person to tour around are added after restoration. However, visitors should note that after alighting, the road leading to entrance at Kom Tong Hall is a bit steep and wheelchair users should pay more attention.


Accessible Toilet Accessible Toilet Provided


Address: 7 Castle Road,  Central

Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens


After leaving Dr Sun Yat-sen Museun, go along Caine Road towards Sacred Heart Canossian College of Commerce, turn into Glenealy when pass by Caritas Centre, the ramp entrance of the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens could be found. Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens built in 1871 is formerly known as Botanic Garden until renamed in 1975. Having served as a temporary Government House from 1841 to 1842, the Garden is still called “Bing Tau Fa Yuen” by the Chinese. The Garden is divided into two parts – East and West linked by a subway with ramp. At the eastern part known as the Old Garden are a Children's Playground, Aviaries, Green House and a Fountain Terrace Garden; while the New Garden in the west is mainly the home of mammals and reptiles. Currently, about 400 birds, 70 mammals and 50 reptiles are being housed in about 40 enclosures.


Short comment: Most parts of the Garden are connected by ramps, but visitors have to pay attention that the road leading to the Aviary is a bit steep. After touring, visitors can go back to Caine Road and leave by bus.


Accessible Toilet Accessible Toilet Provided


Address: Albany Road, Central

Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum’s Opening Hours


Monday to Wednesday and Friday to Saturday

10:00am to 6:00pm

Sunday and Public Holidays

10:00am to 7:00pm

Christmas Eve and Lunar New Year‟s Eve

Closed at 5:00pm

Closed on Thursday (except Public Holidays, the anniversaries of Dr Sun's birth (12 November) and death (12 March)) and on the first two days of Lunar New Year


Permanent Exhibitions


Tel: 2367 6373 / 3580 6780

Website: http://hk.drsunyatsen.museum/index.php

Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens’ Opening Hours


Fountain Terrace Garden

5:00am to 10:00pm

Green House

9:00am to 4:30pm

Other Areas

6:00am to 7:00pm





Tel: 2530 0154

Website: www.lcsd.gov.hk/en/parks/hkzbg/index.html

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