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Shatin is the most populated new town in Hong Kong. It is always flooded with people in shopping malls every holiday. Other than shopping centers, there are also varieties of temples and old walled villages in Shatin. This featured tour can allow you to enjoy the cultural heritage in the area.


(Last updated: 21/1/2022)

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Che Kung Temple


After taking Tuen Ma Line, wheelchair users exit Entrance B of Che Kung Temple Station, cross the road through pedestrian tunnel, walk along the Che Kung Miu Road towards Tai Wai for 5 minutes and will arrive at Che Kung Temple.


The temple was believed to be built during the Ming Dynasty. At that time, there had been an epidemic around Shatin. It is believed that Che Kung, a military commander of the Song Dynasty has the power to suppress the plagues as recorded in books. That was the reason why they built Che Kung Temple. The epidemic began to stop once the construction was completed. Since then, Che Kung Temple is flooded with worshippers on the birthday of General Che- January 2nd of the Chinese lunar calendar. The old temple was rebuilt in the 16th year of Guangxu (1890). In the following decades, it has been renovated and expanded to the present scale many times. Believers as well as tourists from all around the world come here and spin the wind fans praying for good luck.


Easy-to-Reach Index: star star star    
Barrier Free Index: star star star   
Recommendation Index: star star star         

Suggested Length of Stay: Approx 15 - 30 minutes

Tips: There are four birthdays of Che Kung: January 2nd, March 27th, June 6th, and August 16th in Chinese lunar calendar. The first birthday on January 2nd is the most popular one among worshippers. However, worshippers avoid going on January 2nd but go on the 3rd due to a belief that going out on that day will cause quarrels, conflicts and misfortunes.


Short comment: The front entrance and side entrances have stairs. Wheelchair users can only access through the side passageways for cars of the temple. There is not enough signs of directions. Inside the temple, there are ramps that allow wheelchair users which allow them to visit across the temple, including the main chamber, where in other temples wheelchair users are not allowed access. On both sides of the main chamber there are accessible toilets. However the toilet is stuffed with all sorts of goods on the day of our visit. Wheelchair users can use another accessible toilet located at the basketball court outside the temple.


Address: 7 Che Kung Miu Road, Tai Wai

Shing Mun River

As you leave Che Kung Temple through the tunnel and cross the road, you will see Sing Mun River. Stretching for 7 kilometers, the river starts at Tai Wai and flows past Shatin before emptying into Tolo Harbour. It is quite a large river with attractive scenery. The original function of the river was to serve as flood regulator, but the river is also one of the popular recreational places. On the river, there are rowing practices from time to time, and even the annual dragon boat race. There are jogging and biking trails on both sides of the river; it's a popular place for local residents for training.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

here is giant building with Chinese traditional elements across the Shing Mun River, which is Hong Kong Heritage Museum. Wheelchair users can access the museum directly through the bridge across Shing Mun River. The museum is a comprehensive museum that covers historical, artistic and cultural elements, with an exhibition area of 7,500 square metres. There are 12 exhibition venues, 5 of which are permanent galleries including Jing Yong Gallery, Cantonese Opera Heritage Hall, T. T. Tsui Gallery of Chinese Art, Chao Shao-an Gallery and Children’s Discovery Gallery. The rest thematic galleries regularly host exhibitions with diversified topics. Please visit the official website of the Heritage Museum for more information.


Easy-to-Reach Index: star star star star   
Barrier Free Index: star star star star star  
Recommendation Index: star star star star star      

Suggested Length of Stay: Approx 2 - 3 hours


Short comment: The museum provides a variety of barrier-free facilities for visitors, including automatic doors, ramps, tactile guide paths, wheelchair service counters, lifts, accessible toilets, and wheelchair seats in the theatre. The spacious passages are also very convenient for wheelchair users to have a visit.



MTR: Tuen Ma Line, Che Kung Temple Station

Exit A (Exit B for wheelchair users) Cross the Shing Mun River bridge after exiting the MTR station and walk for 5 minutes.


Bus Route  Origin <-->Destination Alighting Stop
KMB A41 Airport ← → Yu Chui Court Heritage Museum

E42 Airport ← → Pok Hong
72A Tai Wa Stop← →Tai Po Industrial Estate
80M Kowloon Tong Railway Station← →Sui Wo Court
86 Mei Foo← →Wong Nai Tau
89 Kwun Tong← →Lek Yuen
282 Shatin Central Bus Terminus← →Sun Tin Wai (Circular Route)


Address: 1 Man Lam Road, Shatin

New Town Plaza / Snoopy’s World


New Town Plaza     Snoopy’s World


After leaving the museum, visitors can walk in the direction of Shatin Park and you will arrive at New Town Plaza. For wheelchair users, use the parking lot elevator at Wai Wah Centre on Shatin Centre Street to get to Wai Wah Shopping Centre; then move along the footbridge to get to New Town Plaza. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to get to the New Town Plaza from the museum. Wheelchair users are advised to move with caution as there are pedestrian tunnels and several roads to cross. It is expected to be crowds of people after turning into Shatin Centre Street with a narrow street.


Snoopy’s World at New Town Plaza offers free entry all year round, and it is the first amusement park in Asia based on the theme of Snoopy. At Snoopy’s World, there are sculptures of more than 60 characters from the Peanuts Comics all over the park. This is the dream place for Snoopy fans. The park has wide passageways despite some facilities with stairs which are not suitable for wheelchair users.


Address: Sha Tin Centre Street, New Territories

Tsang Tai Uk

Tsang Tai Uk

For those interested in walled villages of Hong Kong, you must never miss the largest existing Hakka walled village in Hong Kong- Tsang Tai Uk. To get there, go back from Hong Kong Heritage Museum to Che Kung Temple Station through Shing Mun River Bridge, move along the Che Kung Temple Road in the direction of Sha Tin Wai and enter the pedestrian tunnel. There are clear signs along the way leading you to Tsang Tai Uk. It will take around 10 to 15 minutes to arrive.


Tsang Tai Uk

Built by the Tsang family during the 19th century, Tsang Tai Uk is the largest existing Hakka walled village in Hong Kong. The exterior is like a fortress with three-storey high bunkers at the corners that serve as deterrents against thieves and robbers. This village is also one of the few well-preserved walled villages in Hong Kong which has high historical value.


Easy-to-Reach Index: star star star 
Barrier Free Index: star 
Recommendation Index: star star star       

Suggested Length of Stay: Approx 15 - 30 minutes


Tips: There are limited attractions in Tsang Tai Uk as compared with other attractions. It is suggested to read the information board before entering for a better understanding of the history and architectural values of Tsang Tai Uk or you may be bored during the tour.


Short comment: On the right side of Tsang Tai Uk, at the entrance/exit with the name of “Fu An (Prosperity and Peace)”, there is a temporary ramp that allow wheelchair access. However this is a big ramp. In addition, there are gate fences at the ancestral hall which is not for wheelchair users. This affect the interest in visiting for wheelchair users. There was a mobile accessible toilets next to the entrance on the day of visit. Wheelchair users can also use the accessible toilets at the Tsang Tai Uk Playground nearby.

Sha Kok / Pok Hong Estate Open-air street stall (Dai Pai Dong)

Sha Kok/Pok Hong Estate Open-air street stall (Dai Pai Dong)

After leaving Tsang Tai Uk, you can get to MTR station by walking along Sha Kok Street in the direction of Sha Tin Wai Station. For those who like to have a taste of local cuisine, it’s a good idea to visit the open-air street stall at Sha Kok Estate next to Sha Kok Station or Pok Hong Estate. The price is very affordable with a wide range of food choices from small dishes, seafood to hot pots. Everyone can find one that suits your taste. It’s also popular around local residents. You will not want to miss it if you like to eat what the locals eat.

1. Che Kung Temple

Opening hours: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Address: Che Kung Miu Road, Tai Wai, New Territories

2. Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Opening hours    Monday, Wednesday to Friday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
X’mas Eve and Lunar new year eve 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Closed on Tuesday (except public holidays), the 1st and 2nd day of Chinese New Year.
Ticket   Permanent Exhibition Hall Entrance Free
Special Exhibition Hall Entrance fees for individual themes
Discount tickets for full-time students, disabled guests with one accompanier, senior citizens aged 60 or above.


Address: 1 Wenlin Road, Shatin, New Territories

Tel: 2180 8188

Website: www.heritagemuseum.gov.hk

Parking Spaces Designated for the Disabled

Che Kung Temple   Chik Fu Street, Tai Wai x1
      Man Lam Road, Sha Tin x1
      Tai Wai Road, Tai Wai x1
  Hong Kong Heritage Museum
    Hong Kong Heritage Museum Car Park x1 (Parking Fee)
      Man Lam Road, Sha Tin x1
  Tsang Tai Uk   Sha Kok Street near Shan Ha Wai (Tsang Tai Uk), Sha Tin x1
  New Town Plaza   Man Lam Road, Sha Tin x1
      Lek Yuen Street, Sha Tin x1
  Sha Kok / Pok Hong Estate Open-air street stall   Sha Kok Street near Shan Ha Wai (Tsang Tai Uk), Sha Tin x1
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