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Shing Mun Reservoir

Shing Mun Reservoir

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Shing Mun Reservoir situated inside Shing Mun Country Park is familiar to Hong Kong people as one of the countryside with pleasant scenery, where butterfly lovers could admire various species of butterflies here. Inside the country park are nature trail, barbecue site, and hiking trail, while transportation are considered convenient that lots of people would come for barbecuing and hiking on holidays.


The tour route for all tourists starts from Kwai Chung Wo Yi Hop Road, reaches the country park entrance through Shing Mun Road, then heads for the barbecue area, and finally reaches the main dam of Shing Mun reservoir.


(Last updated: 20/1/2022)

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Bus Route Origin Alighting Stop
KMB      36B Jordan (West Kowloon Station) Lei Muk Shue Bus Terminus 
36M Kwai Fong Bus Terminus
32 Olympic Railway Station Ho Fung College      
36 Tsuen Wan West Railway Station Bus Terminus
40X Wu Kai Sha Railway Station
46X Hin Keng Bus Terminus
47X Chun Shek Bus Terminus
48X Wo Che Bus Terminus
73X Fu Shin Estate Bus Terminus

Lei Muk Shue towards Entrance

Since only minibus could reach Shing Mun Country Park directly, so this route suggest wheelchair users first travel by bus alighting at Lei Muk Shue Estate or Ho Fung College to proceed to the entrance of the country park. Visitors alighting at Lei Muk Shue Estate should go along Wo Yi Hop Road towards the direction of Shing Mun Reservoir till Ho Fung College, then turn into Shing Mun Road and proceed for about twenty to thirty minutes will arrive at the entrance of Shing Mun Country Park. After turning into Shing Mun Road, pedestrian pavement will become narrower, while some crossings are without dropped kerb that wheelchair users have to use the carriageway at certain section of the road.


Short comment: Shing Mun Country Park is a hot spot for outing but could only be reached by minibus, which wheelchair users have to travel a long distance to reach. Moreover, after turning into Shing Mun Road, facilities on road surface are severely insufficient, and there is no disabled washroom before reaching the entrance of the country park. So wheelchair users on passing this road should pay extra attention on vehicles and road surface condition, and also consider whether can cope with it.

Shing Mun Country Park

When the red ‘Shing Mun Archway’ in shape of a city gate is seen, one has arrived at the entrance of Shing Mun Country Park. At the entrance are kiosk and accessible toilet, and signage instructing visitors to different spots. Destination of this route is the main dam of the reservoir, wheelchair users follow the direction of ‘Shing Mun Archway’ to proceed for about ten odd minutes will see the barbecue site, of which site 1 and site 4 are both suitable for the disabled. Barbecue site 4 is equipped with accessible toilet and beverage vending machine which is convenient for visitors to refill beverage.


Short comment: Although road surface of the section from the entrance towards the barbecue area are level, this section is also the carriageway without pedestrian pavement resulting in vehicles passing by frequently, and there are quite a number of bends, wheelchair users should not move too fast and should halt for a while at the bends to confirm no vehicles drive pass before proceed.

Barbecue Site 4

Barbecue site 4 is a venue suitable for wheelchair users, with wheelchair signs and ramps at the entrance. There are no steps inside the site, while height and design of barbecue pit are convenient for wheelchair users, together with accessible toilet, making a good place for wheelchair users to enjoy barbecuing.

Main Dam

Follow the barbecue area to go ahead for ten odd minutes would see a gate, passing through which will arrive at the main dam, where one could enjoy the scenery of the whole reservoir. The whole dam is a level straight road where wheelchair users can move around at ease. The end of the main dam is connected with Shing Mun Jogging Trail, which route is quite winding and requires more than an hour to finish, so visitors should proceed according to their own strength. Having toured the main dam, visitors may retrace the original route to return to Wo Yi Hop Road or Lei Muk Shue Estate to leave.


Short comment: Road from the barbecue area to the main dam is broad and level while distance is not far away. However, one should note that there would be occasional emergence of monkey, which usually would not initiate an attack on visitors, whereas visitors should not feed them or let food be exposed to avoid such attack.

Shing Mun Country Park Visitor Centre

Visitors visiting Shing Mun Country Park on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays may tour the Shing Mun Country Park Visitor Centre at the entrance, which displays pictures and exhibits related to history of Shing Mun for visitors’ better understanding of the background information of Shing Mun Reservoir.


 Opening Days Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
 Opening Hours 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
 Enquiry 2489 1362

Website: www.afcd.gov.hk/english/country/cou_lea/cou_lea_ven/shingmun.html


This route takes about 45 minutes. Visitors wishing to enjoy more of the scenery of the reservoir may on arriving the main dam continue to proceed along Shing Mun Jogging Trail, then connect to Wilson Trail 7 and Pineapple Nature Trail to complete one round of Shing Mun Reservoir, which exit is the starting point of this route. However, this round takes three odd hours and with steps on a number of sections on the way is not suitable for wheelchair users.

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