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Pak Tam Chung situated inside Sai Kung West Country Park is having a beautiful scenery. Nearby are Tree Walk, Nature Trail, Family Trail and barbecue sites, which make it a good outing place for the whole family. In the old days, Pak Tam Chung has a few villages, most of which now become abandoned following the development of the urban area, while retaining monument such as Sheung Yiu Village.


(Last updated: 20/1/2022)

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Bus route


Alighting Stop



Sai Kung Bus Terminus

Pak Tam Chung

96R (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)

Diamond Hill Bus Terminus

289R (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) Shatin Central Bus Terminus

Pak Tam Chung P.H.A.B. Site

Visitors after alighting would see the Visitors Centre on the left of the stop, where the accessible toilet is located at its side. Go along the right of the stop and pass through the gate of the restricted area would reach Pak Tam Chung P.H.A.B. Site. Inside the P.H.A.B. Site are several tens of barbecue pits of various designs convenient for wheelchair users to barbecue, and with several accessible toilets at its side. Visitors can experience the nature and enjoy the fun of barbecuing at the same time.


Short comment: Facilities at the site are comprehensive and suitable for wheelchair users of different needs. However, slits between stones on most stone path access make it easy to tilt or obstruct the wheelchair to proceed.

Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail

Leave P.H.A.B. Site and continue to walk about 200 meters along Tai Mong Tsai Road towards High Island Reservoir, you will see a road sign on the right side, which is the entrance of Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail and Sheung Yiu Village. After passing the Fuk Hing Bridge, you will reach Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail. The Trail is built along the river shore, pass through the Mangrove, walking goby fish and fiddler crabs could often be seen on the mudflat. On the way would pass a limekiln that villagers used in baking lime in the old days, which kiln is gazetted as monument together with Sheung Yiu Village, the end of the Trail, which is now the Sheung Yiu Folk Museum. There are a flight of steps in front of the Museum which wheelchair users cannot enter.


Short comment: At the left access route of the entrance of the P.H.A.B. Site is a small step which wheelchair users should be careful. Also, some slopes in the Nature Trail are quite steep that require extra attention.


Address: Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail

1. Sai Kung Country Park Visitor Centre

Corner of the Visitor Center


Sai Kung Country Park Visitor Centre has exhibitions introducing recreation and scenic areas of the two country parks, and ecological and geological interest in the area, accessible toilet is provided at kiosk near the Centre

Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday to Sunday 9:30 am to 4:30 pm (Closed on every Tuesday, and the first two days of the Lunar New Year)

Enquiry: 2792 7365

Website: www.afcd.gov.hk/english/country/cou_lea/cou_lea_ven/saikung.html

Address: Tai Mong Tsai Road

2. Sheung Yiu Folk Museum

Sheung Yiu Folk Museum exhibits village and dwellings, displaying various farm implements and everyday objects of the time.

Opening Hours
March to September (Monday, Wednesday to Sunday) 9 am to 6 pm 
October to February (Monday, Wednesday to Sunday) 9 am to 5 pm
Closed on Tuesdays (except public holidays) and the first two days of the Lunar New Year

[Note: Sheung Yiu Folk Museum was temporarily closed from December 1, 2021 to late 2022 for maintenance work.] Visitors are advised to log in to the website for details.

Fares: Free

Enquiry: 2792 6365

Website: www.heritagemuseum.gov.hk/en_US/web/hm/museums/sheungyiufolk.html

Address: Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Parking Spaces Designated for the Disabled

Pak Tam Chung     Tai Mong Tsai Road near Pak Tam Chung, Sai Kung x2
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