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Sham Tseng & Tuen Mun

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Sham Tseng situated near the urban area is a good spot for leisure and sightseeing, where lots of locals and foreign visitors like to go for the famous roasted goose. Apart from that, in recent years restaurants of various styles are opened in Sham Tseng, giving the place the name of ‘Sham Tseng Food Court’.  Following the completion of Ting Kau Bridge and Tsing Ma Bridge, visitors would go to Sham Tseng for enjoying delicious food and at the same time for the beautiful scenery of Tsing Ma Bridge and Ma Wan area, which are more elegant at night. This route will start from Sham Tseng to the shopping mall around Tuen Mun town centre, and visit the Reptile House at Tuen Mun Park.


(Last updated: 18/1/2022)

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Enlarge map


MTR - (Tuen Ma Line) Lift at Exit B of Tuen Mun Station to the ground


Bus Route Origin← →Destination Alighting Stop
KMB 52X  Mong Kok (Park Avenue)← →Tuen Mun Central Bus Terminus Sham Tseng Village, Hong Kong Gold Coast
MTR Shuttle Bus  K51 Tai Lam← →Fu Tai Estate, Tuen Mun LR Town Centre stop
K53 Tuen Mun Station← →So Kwun Wat (Circulation Route) Light Rail Town Centre Stop

Sham Tseng

After alighting at Sham Tseng Village, road surface along the way are level, and crossings are with dropped kerbs and warning bricks for the convenience of wheelchair users to cross the food stalls and shops at both sides of the Sham Tseng Section of Castle Peak Road. Going along Castle Peak Road towards Tuen Mun will pass by a series of shops follow by a ramp entrance which lead to the Old Ma Wan Pier, the best location to enjoy the scenery of Tsing Ma Bridge. Having toured the Sham Tseng area, visitors may take Bus 52X at Bellagio Mall, Sham Tseng village, or Ma Wan Pier, with sectional fare, to the next scenery spot, the Tsuen Mun Hong Kong Gold Coast.


Short comment: In general, there are only ordinary toilets in the restaurants near Sham Tseng. If necessary, please use the disabled toilets in Bellagio Mall. Bellagio Mall is located on the side of Garden Bakery, i.e. the shopping mall in Bellagio, with supermarkets, snack bars, restaurants and other shops inside. The disabled toilet is on the ground floor, to which wheelchair users can take the lift.


Address: Sham Tseng Section of Castle Peak Road

The Hong Kong Gold Coast

The Hong Kong Gold Coast is mainly divided into the Hong Kong Gold Coast Shopping Mall and the Golden Beach. Visitors may alight at "Hong Kong Gold Coast Station" if going to Gold Coast Shopping Mall, or alight at "Golden Beach Station" if going to Golden Beach and Dolphin Plaza.


After alighting the bus, go along the pedestrian pavement can reach the main entrance of the Hong Kong Gold Coast Shopping Mall. Wheelchair users can walk on the right-side pavement at the entrance/exit. When passing the parking lot gate, they can cross the road with the downward ramp to the opposite side so as to enter the mall. The shopping mall is in balcony design with wide passages, while restaurants are mostly having alfresco seats which enable wheelchair users to enter at ease. The Hong Kong Gold Coast Shopping Mall is a two-storey high structure, with lift besides the Welcome Supermarket. On the second floor is a barbecue restaurant where visitors can enjoy their meal and the scenery of the yacht club and the hotel area at the same time. However, the disabled washroom is only located on the first floor.


Visitors going to the Golden Beach and the Dolphin Plaza may alight at "Golden Beach Station", and then walk in the direction of Tuen Mun to Golden Beach Path, where is the entrance/exit to the beach, as well as the promenade to the Dolphin Plaza. However, wheelchair users have to pay attention that the section of road ahead of the main entrance is a bit steep, and there will be vehicles entering and leaving.  


Short comment: Accessible toilets can be found at the entrance of Golden Beach and in the middle section of promenade, while the way to the Dolphin Plaza is rather far away, visitors should proceed according to their own strength.


Address: So Kwun Wat Section of Castle Peak Road

Tuen Mun Town Centre

The last stop of this route is Tuen Mun town centre, where visitors can take Bus Route 52X, K51 or K53 to Tuen Mun Town Centre. Tuen Mun town centre is the major center of public facilities, shopping malls and transportation of the district. The main shopping area includes seven interlinking shopping centre namely Tuen Mun Town Plaza Phase One and Phase Two, Tuen Mun Trend Plaza, Waldorf Garden, New Town Mansion, Kam Wah Garden, and ParkLane Plaza, which are the most bustling area in Tuen Mun. Tuen Mun Town Plaza has several footbridges linking nearby shopping arcades such as Tuen Mun Trend Plaza and Waldorf Shopping Mall. However, visitors should take note that certain shopping malls are without passenger lifts reaching each level, which require the taking of cargo lifts with the security staff leading the way.


Short comment: Tuen Mun Town Plaza is a shopping mall with relatively adequate facilities such as lifts reaching each level and accessible toilets for the disabled. Access route within the Plaza are wide and wheelchair users are able to enter the department store and various shops and restaurants, which make the Plaza a good place for shopping and for leisure.

Tuen Mun Park

Visitors may approach Tuen Mun Park by the footbridge linking Tuen Mun Trend Plaza with the Park, which road surface along the way are leveled for wheelchair users to reach at ease. Most passages inside the park are with ramp, while some are quite steep which wheelchair users should pay attention. Tuen Mun Park covering a total area of about 12.5 hectares is the first major park in New Territories providing a wide range of recreational facilities such as man-made cascade, model boat pool, amphitheatre, roller–skating rink, children’s playground, and multi-game area, which make the park an ideal recreational and leisure spot.


Inside the Park are accessible toilet and lots of seats for resting purpose. There are a number of characteristic exhibition zones, like the Reptile House recommended to wheelchair users for visiting this time.


Reptile House

Wheelchair users may enter and leave through the main entrance. Inside the House is not any stairs or steps, while the exhibition boxes are at a suitable level for wheelchair users to view the exhibits. The Reptile House located near the man-made cascade opens daily from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, with facilities include indoor terraria and courtyard terrarium displaying various species of reptiles.


Address: Tuen Mun Rural Committee Road

Transportation - leaving from Tuen Mun Park

Visitors leaving from Tuen Mun Park can go to the MTR - (Tuen Ma Line) Tuen Mun Station from the north entrance of the park. Along the way, you can have dinner or go shopping in the V city Shopping Mall next to Tuen Mun Station. Also, you can also choose to turn back to leave at Tuen Mun Town Centre Bus Terminus opposite to Times Square.


Buses passing through Tsuen Mun Town Centre:

52X    60M    60X    61X    259D    263    961    E33    62X

Parking Spaces Designated for the Disabled

Sham Tseng   Sham Tsz Street near Sham Tsz Street Playground, Sham Tseng x1
  The Hong Kong Gold Coast   Gold Coast Carpark, Tuen Mun x1
  Tuen Mun Town Centre
    Tsing Hoi Circuit, Tuen Mun x1
      Yan Oi Tong Circuit, Tuen Mun x1
      Tat Yan Square, Tuen Mun x1
      Luk Yuen Street, Tuen Mun x1
      Ho Pong Street, Tuen Mun x1
  Tuen Mun Park   Tsing Hoi Circuit, Tuen Mun x1
      Yan Oi Tong Circuit, Tuen Mun x1
      Luk Yuen Street, Tuen Mun x1
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