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Ocean Park of Hong Kong, which is a marine theme park with ocean as main theme, is opened to public on the 10th of January in 1977. After the expansion project in 2014, it now has more than 80 scenic spots and recreational facilities, and was awarded the world's best park award in 2012. Since the opening of MTR South Island Line, tourists can reach the Ocean Park more quickly. I believe the boom of the ocean park will continue unabated.


(Last updated: 17/1/2022)


MTR  Ocean Park Station


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The Lagoon

After enter the park, you would see the Lagoon nearby the main entrance. The Lagoon refreshing sprays from the dancing fountains weave intricate patterns into the air. By night, the whole area is transformed into a stage for the world’s first 360° water screen show Symbio in which two 9 m-tall fiery dragons clash on screen. In addition, wheelchair spaces are also located at the Lagoon; it is convenience for the wheelchair users to enjoy the show.


Short Comment: The roads nearby the Lagoon are uneven. Wheelchair users may suffer discomfort. It is suggested that the related parties should improve the road conditions.

Grand Aquarium

The Grand Aquarium is one of the world's top ten aquariums, which over 520,000 liters of water capacity and 11 meters of water depth. The Grand Aquarium feeds over 400 varieties and 5,000 valuable fish. It has the world's largest aquarium dome, which stands at an astounding 5.5 m diameter. Finally, the tourists can watch all valuable fish in Aquarium through an awe-inspiring 13 m wide and 8 m high acrylic viewing panel. Wheelchair users can take the lift to reach the main entrance of the Grand Aquarium located on the second floor and enjoy the aquarium along the museum ramp.

Sea Life Carousel

Visitors can ride the hippocampus, goldfish, dolphins or sharks to enjoy the dynamic journey of the underwater world in the Sea Life Carousel. The Carousel has a retractable ramp, so that the wheelchair users can also enjoy in this facilities.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Giant Panda Habitat

Various Pavilions of rare animals in “Amazing Asian Animals” in the Waterfront are also available for wheelchair users to visit. For example, the Giant Panda Habitat, with ramp provided at the main entrance and throughout the whole habitat for the convenience of wheelchair users. Of course, the inevitable visit is the giant panda, the national treasure animal stars - An An, Ying Ying, and Le Le loved by everyone.

Cable Car / Ocean Express

Ocean Park provides Cable Car and Ocean Express to connect the Waterfront (Lowland) and the Summit (Headland). The cable car station of the Waterfront is located on the left side of the main entrance. Staff will assist wheelchair users to board the special designed cable car gondola through special passage; the whole trip takes about 8 minutes. And the Ocean Express Waterfront Station is also located on the left side of the main entrance. The station has special passage for those in needs to take the Express, and the whole trip takes about 4 minutes.


Short Comments: The special designed gondola of the cable car can accommodate one wheelchair with one accompanying person. However, due to the number of such gondola are limited, it may require longer time to board. Thus, it is better for wheelchair users to choose Ocean Express to go to the Waterfront and the Summit.

Pacific Pier and Sea Jelly Spectacular

The Summith as various marine lives’s pavilions, namely Pcaific Pier and Sea Jelly Spectacular. The Pcaific Pier inhabits marine creatures such as seals and sea lions, with regular performance by sea lions and staff introducing their characteristics. The Sea Jelly Spectacular displays over 1000 sea jellies of unique species all around the world, showing their movement under special theatrical lighting and multimedia sound effect. All pavilions have accessible entrance and facilities, wheelchair users can also visits every pavilion easily.

Ferris Wheel

Located opposite the Atoll Reef is the Ferris Wheel, on which visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the Headland Rides and the spectacular scenery of Deep Water Bay, Repulse Bay, Ap Lei Chau, Lamma Island and South China Sea, with an even more elegant view at night.  Ferris Wheel is one of the mechanical rides in Ocean park that is accessible by physically disabled guests and provides with wheelchair space, which wheelchair users can directly board the particular gondola.

1. The Ocean Park - Opening hours and fares

General opening hours*
Monday to Saturday 10 am to 6 pm
Sunday 10 am to 6 pm
The opening hours may vary from day to day, and the facilities and scenic spots in the Park will be closed or suspended on account of repair or maintenance, enquiry could be made on the web.

 *Visitors need to make an on-line reservation


Adults $498
Children 3 to 11, One accompanying guest of holder of ‘registration card for people with disabilities’. $249
Children under the age of 3, Hong Kong residents over the age of 65 (Hong Kong identity Card or Elderly Card is needed) and people with disabilities holding Registration Card for People with Disabilities are admitted free of charge, and one of the escorts of people with disabilities is a half discount.


Tel: 3923 2323

Website: www.oceanpark.com.hk

2. Locker, Stroller and Wheelchair rental service

Wheelchairs are available for rental at the Locker, Stroller and Wheelchair Rental in Aqua City nearby the main entrance of the Park.

3. Queue Assistance Service

In order to facilitate visitors who have difficulties to queue normally for park facilities due to physical or psychological constraints, we are introducing the Queue Assistance Service to provide priority access at a number of our attractions. Visitors are welcome to apply for the Queue Assistance Service onsite at the Guest Relations Office on the visit day. Visitor is required to present a valid document issued by doctors, government departments or relevant organizations and fill in the application form to complete the application process. Each eligible applicant could gain priority access to the rides and attractions along with up to 3 companions using the Card Card.

4. Services for Guests with Disabilities

Ocean Park has braille guidebook for visually impaired tourists. At the same time, tourists are welcome to bring their auxiliary dogs into the park. If necessary, please contact the Guest Relations Office.


Because the Ocean Park is built along the mountain, although there are ramps through the Park, many ramps are quite inclined. Wheelchair users should slow down when walking and pay more attention to the road conditions.

Parking Spaces Designated for the Disabled

Ocean Park     Ocean Park Car Park (Parking Fee)
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