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‘Barrier-free Travel Guide’ and 'Barrier-free Recreation Guide' introduces over 50 hot tour routes of Hong Kong, namely ‘sight-seeing line’, ‘leisure line’, ‘ecology line’ and ‘cultural discovery line’. The Guide pinpoints at using various items to introduce scenic spots, itinerary and barrier-free information of each designed route, with contents both practical and interesting which would facilitate readers in enhancing their interest and motivation to tour. 


Items of ‘Barrier-free Travel Guide’ and 'Barrier-free Recreation Guide' include:


Barrier-free Index:

Each designed routes is scored according to its accessible condition. 5 is being highest and 1 is being lowest. Higher the score means there is more convenience for all.


Spots Introduction:

This is the extract of the content, which resembles a tourist guide introducing routes, indicating directions, and describing scenery and history to visitors, is the beacon of the itinerary.


Short Comment:

Comment on the merit and drawback of barrier-free access and facilities of routes for early preparation of visitors and for the attention of related parties.



It suggests the disabled in taking the most convenient transportation, briefly introducing features of barrier-free facilities of the transportation and its routes, which visitors can refer together with the map.



Simple hands-on colourful map outlining designed routes, with cartoon outlook of scenic spots and transportation facilities, which visitors can refer together with the legend introduction and transportation suggestions in planning their itinerary effectively.


Brief Information:

Summary of some important information of spots, such as opening hours, fares, special activities and transportation schedule, as well as enquiry and contact method, providing in advance hands-on information for the convenience of visitors. 



Visitors are reminded to pay extra attention according to the degree of difficulties and danger of routes.  


The Federation hopes that through this website, public, public transport operator, and related government department on one side can fully aware of the concept and importance of barrier-free travel, thus urging spots concerned to improve the barrier-free facilities. On the other side, the community through reading the website can obtain practical information of barrier-free travel, thus enhancing their motivation to travel with their family and friends, so as to enjoy at ease the fun of barrier-free travel.


Hong Kong is a world renowned tourism city with tourist industry as one of its major economic properties. It is hoped that through this scheme and its accomplishment, the society can be urged to concern more and improve various barrier-free facilities in the community, thus making Hong Kong a real “Barrier-free city” to attract visitors with different needs all over the world in visiting Hong Kong.  

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