Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth

「無障礙」是指殘疾人士可在無需協助或沒有太大困難的情況下進出某一處所,並使用處所內的設施,當中包括消除環境、交通、信息、設施和服務上的障礙。這不僅殘疾人士得以受惠,也讓小孩、長者和孕婦等的每一個人都能受惠於無障礙的環境。 “Barrier-Free” means enable the disabled to approach, enter and leave the location and to use the facilities therein without assistance or undue difficulties. It emphasizes the elimination of barriers, including the obstacles of physical environment, transportation, information and other facilities and services, in our society. Actually, not only the people with disabilities, but everyone such as children, elders, and pregnant women can also be benefited in a barrier-free environment. 無障礙去街 Barrier-Free Travel Guide 無障礙飲食 Barrier-Free Restaurant Guide 復康資訊 Rehabilitation Information