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Kowloon Bay has many large shopping arcades. This route will introduce Telford Plaza and Mega Box, both being large shopping malls in Kowloon East where lots of people shop. Large scale shopping centre with various shops, board access route, lifts and disabled washroom are very suitable for the disabled to go shopping. 

(Last updated: 18/5/2013)




Kowloon Bay Station


Exit C (Public Lift)

Exit A (External Lift)

Exit A (External Stair Lift)

Accessible Toilets in Staff Area

MTR Kowloon Bay Station Exit C could reach Telford Plaza Phase I directly.  There are also many bus routes passing by the Kowloon Bay MTR Station.  Passengers may alight at Kwun Tong Road and take the lift at Exit A of the Kowloon Bay MTR Station to proceed to Exit C.


Telford Plaza

Telford Plazais built in 1980, with shops at Plaza 1 mainly selling clothes and electric appliances, which shops include the 'Marks & Spencer; while shops at Plaza 2 are mainly furniture shops, cinema and restaurants, such as the big furniture shop ‘IKEA’ on the 3rd floor to 5th floor. Access route within the Plaza are quite spacious, with lifts linking each level. However, wheelchair users should pay attention that lifts and disabled washrooms are located behind the Smoke Door with narrow access route. This plaza provide wheelchair lending (within the mall area only)



From Plaza 1 shopping mall to Plaza 2 shopping mall:

Wheelchair users going from Plaza 1 to Plaza 2 have to proceed to the podium by the passenger passage at the 1st floor of Plaza 1, then follow the instructions to pass through the vehicles unloading zone, and take the lifts of the MTR Headquarters Building to reach the Plaza 2 shopping mall.  Due to the unloading zone is for boarding or alighting of shuttle bus passengers from nearby shopping malls, there are a considerate number of vehicles and people.  In addition, location of lifts are a bit hidden, it is suggested that wheelchair users may seek help from staffs in proceeding to Plaza 2.  Another point to note is that by taking the lift of the MTR Headquarters Building to the 5th and 6th floor, wheelchair users have to seek help from staffs for using the stair lift to enter the area of the shopping malls.   Therefore, wheelchair users going to 5th or 6th floor of Plaza 2 are suggested to transfer from the 3rd floor of the lift of the MTR Building to the observatory lift of Plaza 2 which may arrive at 5th or 6th floor directly.


MegaBox is a recently built large shopping arcade of nineteen-storey high with lifts linking each level, having adequate disabled washrooms and facilities like guidance path and Braille map at the main entrance, which make the place a convenient shopping environment for the disabled.  Feature of MegaBox is its larger shop areas than others, and having the first international sized ice rink and IMAX Theatre. This plaza provide wheelchair lending.


Short Comments:The pedestrian crossings in front of Mega Box’s main entrance are without dropped kerb, wheelchair users have to use the carriageway to go to MegaBox.

Going to MegaBox

1. From Telford Plaza to MegaBox:

Wheelchair users going to MegaBox can take Kowloon Motor Bus #224M at the Telford Garden Bus Terminus at the podium. However, one should take note that the road surface leading to the bus stop and the bus stop itself are without “dropped kerb”, where wheelchair users have to pass through some low curb to reach. While alighting, one should pay attention in crossing several roads before arriving at the MegaBox. 


Boarding stop:       TelfordGardenTerminus

Alighting stop:       Sheung Yuet Road 

Low-floor bus schedule: 10-20 minutes

Going to MegaBox

2. Free Shuttle Bus:

There are several free shuttle bus routes going to MegaBox, but all are not low-floor buses. 


The following information are for reference only:

MegaBox < > Kowloon Bay MTR Station (Passengers boarding and alighting zone at the podium of Telford Plaza)  (From 9:00am to 11:45pm)

MegaBox < >  Diamond Hill MTR Station (Fung Tak Road) (on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays) 

MegaBox < >  Richl and Gardens(on Monday to Friday only, except public holidays) 

MegaBox -> Richl and Gardens -- Amoy Gardens -> MegaBox (on Saturday and public holidays only)

Going to MegaBox

3. Other bus routes: 

*15A  *107  *215X  * 641,  297  ,  606

* low-floor bus 

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