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Central is a business district of Hong Kong, where many listed companies and banks are headquartered. It is the busiest business district in Hong Kong, equipped with extensive transportation, facilitating people's traveling throughout Hong Kong. The skywalks running through Central connect different commercial buildings, and various road signs are built to facilitate visitors' visits to the spots in Central. The historical spots in the downtown area add a tinge of nostalgia to Central.

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Central Station

Central Ferry Piers Bus Terminus

Central Ferry Piers

Exit A (lift to/from the ground)

Low-floor bus, wheelchair waiting area

Wheelchair parking and springboard


Exit A of Central Station

Central Ferry Piers Bus Terminus

St. John's Cathedral


Take a lift at Exit A of Central Station to the ground, and then go to Des Voeux Road Central from Pedder Street near World-Wide House and head toward the HSBC Main Building. After crossing the underground floor of the HSBC Main Building and then Queen's Road Central, you will see a red building (Former French Mission Building) in front of you. Go to the upper floor by lift at the Garden Road Parking Lot underneath the red building, cross Cheung Kong Park, and you will reach St. John's Cathedral.


St. John's Cathedral was completed in 1849. As the oldest western church and a well-known place of worship in Hong Kong, St. John's Cathedral has attracted numerous worshipers. At the same time, its historical value has drawn a great many visitors. To receive visitors, a library, a concert venue, and a bookstore where miscellaneous Christian readings rarely seen in Hong Kong are available are built in St. John's Cathedral. Additionally, the Bibles and the Book of Common Prayer in different editions used for the cathedral's services are available for sale. The bookstore has a large number of children's books, gifts and gift cards for people in different age groups.


Bus routes

Bus routes Origin stop ← →Terminal Alighting stop
Citybus 12 Caritas Centre, Caine Road ← → Central Pier No. 3
(toward Central Pier No. 3 only)
St. John's Cathedral, Garden Road
12A Admiralty (Tamar Street) ↔ MacDonnell Road (Circular)
40 Wah Fu (North) ← → Exhibition Centre Station (toward Exhibition Centre Station only)
40M Wah Fu (North) ← → Exhibition Centre Station (toward Exhibition Centre Station only)
KMB/Citybus 103 Pokfield Road ← → Chuk Yuen (toward Chuk Yuen only)
NWFB 13 Kotewall Road ← → Admiralty (Tamar Street) (toward Admiralty only)
23 Pokfield Road ← → North Point Ferry Pier (toward North Point Ferry Pier only)


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Barrier-free index:  star star star star star     
Recommendation index:  star star star star star  

Tour time: Approx. 30 minutes




Short comments:

The gorgeous interior decorations and stained glass add a tinge of solemnity to the time-honoured St. John's Cathedral.



Visitors may go to Cheung Kong Park by lift at the Garden Road Parking Lot and will reach the main entrance to St. John's Cathedral after crossing the park. The paths in the park are bumpy as they are paved with gravel. There are stairs at the main entrance to the cathedral, but wheelchair users may ask the staff member to provide a ramp or open the side door so that they can enter via the ramp.


Address: 4 to 8 Garden Road, Central District

Hong Kong City Hall

Visitors may take a lift outside Cheung Kong Park to the skywalk, along which they may walk to the Hong Kong City Hall. Or they may return to the HSBC Main Building, cross Des Voeux Road Central and Chater Road, and then reach the Hong Kong City Hall via the underpass.


The Hong Kong City Hall was completed and opened in 1962. It is the first multi-purpose civic cultural and recreational centre in Hong Kong. The entire complex, covering an area of 11,000 square metres, comprises the High Block, the Low Block, and the Memorial Garden. It was rated as a Grade I historic building in 2009. As an important cultural hub of Hong Kong, the complex is equipped with such facilities as the concert hall, the theatre, the exhibition hall, the recital hall, and the library.


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Recommendation index:  star star star  

Tour time: Approx. 30 minutes


Short comments:

The Hong Kong City Hall is fully equipped with barrier-free facilities, such as the auto door to the lobby, the accessible toilet on each floor, lifts or ramps, and stairlifts built for floors with stairs. Low counters are not set at the booking office of the Urban Ticketing System, except for the inquiry office. Wheelchair users may turn to the staff members when necessary.



There are several parking spaces designated for the disabled in the Star Ferry Multi-storey Car Park and the City Hall Car Park nearby, facilitating disabled people's visits. Additionally, visitors may visit the Hong Kong City Hall by NWFB 13 (route: Kotewall Road ← → Admiralty (Tamar Street)) and get off at Central (City Hall) Station. Moreover, the Star Ferry Multi-storey Car Park is equipped with accessible toilets.



Address: 5 Edinburgh Place, Central

Check Point 1 City Gallery

The building situated at the Low Block of the Hong Kong City Hall was converted into the City Gallery in 2012 after rehabilitation. Focusing on planning and infrastructure development, the City Gallery is designed to introduce Hong Kong's major planning proposals and infrastructure projects and its future development orientations. Meanwhile, workshops, seminars, field examinations, and docent-guided tours are held in the City Gallery to enhance citizens' understanding of Hong Kong's development.



Short comments:

Wheelchair users' needs have been fully considered in the design of the five-story City Gallery. For example, several barrier-free facilities are built in the City Gallery, including the auto door at the entrances and exits, accessible toilets on each floor, and lifts that connect each floor. Additionally, most of the City Gallery, including the passageways inside, are wide, and some places are equipped with ramps. Meanwhile, tactile maps and guided paths are provided.


Opening hours:

On Mondays to Thursdays

10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and during public holidays

10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Closed on Tuesdays (except public holidays) and the first and second days of the Lunar New Year


Address: 3 Edinburgh Place, Central

Hong Kong Maritime Museum


After getting out through Exit B of Tin Hau Station, turn left, cross the road, turn right, then walk along the road, and you will see the Tin Hau Temple Garden.


The Tin Hau Temple in Causeway Bay was built in Tin Hau in the early years of the Qing dynasty, which is how the area nearby got its name. It is still possessed and managed by the descendants of the Dais to this day. Legend has it that there was a red censer washed to today's Tin Hau Temple in Causeway Bay, which was believed by the villagers to be the theophany of Tin Hau. So they built a temple to worship Tin Hau in order to pray for safety. Legally recognized as a historic site in 1982, the temple is mainly dedicated to Tin Hau, as well as Kwun Yum, Tsai Shen Yeh (Central Gold of Wealth) and Justice Pao. The stone lion from the Tongzhi era, the censer from the Guangxu era, as well as other cultural relics from the Qing dynasty, including plaques, couplets and stone trays, are well preserved in the temple.


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Barrier-free index:  star star star star star     
Recommendation index:  star star star star  

Tour time: Approx. 1 hour





Short comments:

The lifts to different floors are usually locked. When disabled people visit the museum, the staff members will unlock the lifts and guide them to different floors. Low counters are set at the booking offices. The height of the tablets in the galleries is adjustable, which is convenient for wheelchair users. However, the dark lamplight in some galleries and the high introductory plaques make it difficult for visitors to read the information thereon. Although accessible toilets are in the same location as men's and women's toilets, there are no signs for them as those designed for men's and women's toilets.

The passageways in the museum's cafe are wide, making the cafe accessible to wheelchair users. Besides, the dining tables in the cafe are convenient for wheelchair users to take their places. As the cafe is run by a social enterprise serving foreign people, the waitpersons speak English. Visitors who do not speak English may order via the menu.






People aged 60 and above

People aged 18 and below

Full-time students

Disabled people and their caregivers (each accompanied by one caregiver)



Opening hours:

On Mondays to Fridays: 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

On Saturdays and Sundays and during public holidays: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Address: Central Pier No. 8

Parking Spaces Designated for the Disabled

St. John's Cathedral   Lower Albert Road, Central (near St. John's Building - Cable Car Station) x 1
  Hong Kong City Hall   Star Ferry Multi-storey Car Park x 5 (parking fee)
  Star Ferry Multi-storey Car Park x 3 (parking fee)
  City Gallery   Star Ferry Multi-storey Car Park x 5 (parking fee)
      Star Ferry Multi-storey Car Park x 3 (parking fee)
  Hong Kong Maritime Museum   Man Kwong Street, Central x 2
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