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Ngong Ping, with only the Po Lin Monastery located before the Tian Tan Giant Buddha was built, could only be reached by bus travelling to and from Tai O.  However in 1993 after the construction of the world’s largest bronze Giant seated Buddha, many locals and foreign visitors have travelled here.  Moreover, since the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car System connecting Tung Chung started operation in 2006, Ngong Ping has become a must see attraction for tourists.  Recently in Ngong Ping, a number of scenery spots are included such as Ngong Ping village and the Wisdom Path.

(Last updated: 9/8/2018)

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The most convenient way for visitors to travel to Ngong Ping is by taking the Ngong Ping 360 cable car at Tung Chung town centre or by taking the New Lantau Bus No. 23.  However, since the New Lantau Bus No. 23 does not has low floor facilities, it is better for wheelchair users to choose the Ngong Ping 360 cable car.  There are also buses from Mui Wo or Tai O to Ngong Ping, which are also without ‘low floor facilities’.


MTR / Ngong Ping 360 (Cable Car)

Tung Chung Station Exit B taking the Ngong Ping 360



*Website: www.np360.com.hk


 New Lantao Bus

Route No.

Origin to and from Destination


 Ngong Ping <-> Tung Chung Town Center


 Mui Wo Ferry Pier <-> Ngong Ping


Tai O <-> Ngong Ping

*Above routos do not have low floor bus services

** Time table and route map: www.newlantaobus.com/route



Ngong Ping 360

Once wheelchair users arrive at Tung Chung MTR station, proceed to Exit A with access ramp towards the direction of Tung Chung Post Office.  After crossing the road, the lift leading to the cable car terminus ticket office could be seen.  Inside the terminus, access ramp is provided for wheelchair users to reach the ticket office, accessory shops and boarding area, and disabled washrooms are also provided.  While the cable car moves stably for the 25 minutes ride, visitors can enjoy the panoramic scenery of the Hong Kong International Airport and Tung Chung area.  Recently there is also the Crystal Cabin provided for the choice of passengers.


Short comments:  The passages and boarding position inside the cable car terminus are convenient for wheelchair users, while staffs would provide assistance for the boarding and alighting of wheelchair users.  However, it could be crowded during holidays when there are more tourists. 


Accessible Toilet Accessible Toilet Provided

The Ngong Ping village

When visitors arrive at Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal, exit and Ngong Ping Village could be seen.  There are various shops selling special souvenirs and foods, most are with spacious inner area and without steps at the entrance.  Besides, there are also several exhibition halls such as “Walking with Buddha”, “Monkey Tail’s Theatre”, and “The Ngong Ping Nature Centre” which is free for visit introducing the ecological environment of Ngong Ping area.


Address: Ngong Ping Road, Ngong Ping,. Lantau Island

The Po Lin Monastery, Tian Tan Giant Buddha Statue

After leaving the Ngong Ping Village, pass the bus terminus will reach the Po Lin Monastery and the Tian Tan Giant Buddha statue.  The Tian Tan Giant Buddha Statue is the largest bronze seating Buddha in the world built by Po Lin Monastry in 1970.  Situated on the Muk Yue Peak, the Statue is made of bronze with a weight of about 250 tons and a height of 34 m.  The Base of the Buddha is an exhibition hall where the Sarira (in Sanskrit meaning Buddhist relics) of Lord Shakyamuni from Indiais worshipped.  Because Tian Tan Giant Buddha is located at the top of the mountain, visitors have to climb up several hundreds of steps to reach the base of the Statue.  It is suggested that wheelchair users can visit various temples of the monastery, of which some are having an even entrance, while some large temple like Da Xiong Bao Dian (the Hall of Great Hero) located at higher level are having entrance with steps.  Inside the temple is a vegetarian restaurant which visitors have to buy coupons at the ticket office near the Buddha Statue before being served.  


Short comments: Although the Po Lin Monastery and the Tian Tan Giant Buddha Statue are popular tourist spot, due to design problem, there is usually long flight of steps before the entrance.  This makes many disabled persons and elderly can only “tour” from far away.  It is hoped that related parties can innovate applicable facilities so that more visitors can enjoy all famous scenery spots.


Accessible Toilet Accessible Toilet Provided


Address: Po Lin Monastery, Ngong Ping Road

The Wisdom Path (The Heart Sutra Inscription)

After leaving the Po Lin Monastery, visitors can go along a small path near the Giant Buddha to reach the Wisdom Path in about twenty minutes.  The Wisdom Path is the world’s largest outdoor wood crafted sutra-series, formed by 38 wooden pillars inscribed with ‘Maha-Prajna-paramita-hydaya-sutra’, the Heart Sutra.  Since the Path is built along the mountain, visitors have to go up steps to tour the whole sutra-series.  Next to the Wisdom Path is the ‘Sunrise On Lantau Trail’ leading to the Lantau Peak.  However, the path is very steep and narrow that disabled persons need to take great care.


Short comments:  Roads leading to the Wisdom Path are board and level that wheelchair users can go along at ease. While inside the Po Lin Monastery is a bit short of disabled washrooms, visitors may choose the one before entering the path leading to the Wisdom Path or that outside the bus stop.

Ngong Ping 360 - Fee



Standard Trip


Crystal Cabin







Single Trip







Round Trip







*Child:aged 3-11   /  Senior::aged 65+


  • Apart from the tickets above, Ngong Ping 360 also provides various entertain packages with cable car ticket. It is recommended to visit the offical website of Ngong Ping 360 before your trip
  • Website:www.np360.com.hk 


Ngong Ping 360 - Opening Hours and Maintenance Day


Ngong Ping 360 has scheduled servicing day for maintenance with cable car services closed while the Ngong Ping Village remains opened as normal.  Visitors may enquire in details before set off by telephone at 2109 9898.


Opening hours:

Weekdays   10:00am to 6:00 pm
Weekends and Public Holidays 9:00am to 6:30pm
Scheduled Servicing Days#

Cable Car Service is closed for scheduled maintenance.

The Themed Village remains open.


Ngong Ping 360 - washrooms for the disabled

Ngong Ping 360 provides 8 washrooms for the disabled with one located at the pre-boarding area at the Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal, while the others are located at the Ngong Ping Terminal Office, the pre-boarding area of Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal and at the Ngong Ping Village including the ground floor and the first floor of the Bodhi Path, Country Market, Monkey's Tale Theatre and First Aid Room.

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