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Ma Wan

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Ma Wan is an island located between Lantau Island and Tsing Yi. It used to be a fishing village, with more than 200 years of history. Residents mostly lived on farming, fishing and making shrimp paste during the 1960s to 1970s. Ma Wan began seeing an increasing development once Tsing Ma Bridge was opened to traffic. It became a  very unique island where there are large private housing estates, the Ma Wan Park and the Noah’s Ark.

Ma Wan

(Last updated: 24/8/2018)


Ma Wan Road is a 24-hour prohibited zone with the exception of urban taxis. Other motor vehicles including private cars and buses without permits issued by the Transport Department. Visitors can go to Ma Wan through the following methods:


1. Bus


Bus Route

Origin ↔ Destination

Park Island Transport *


Tsing Yi MTR Station ↔Park Island(Ma Wan)


MTR Tsuen Wan Station↔Park Island(Ma Wan)


 MTR Tsuen Wan West Station↔Park Island (Ma Wan)


MTR Kwai Fong Metroplaza↔Park Island(Ma Wan)

NR334  Airport↔Park Island (Ma Wan)
NR338  Central Pier 2 ↔Park Island (Ma Wan)

* The Government Public Transport Fare Concession Scheme for the Elderly and Eligible Persons with Disabilities is not applicable for Park Island Transport


2. Ferry

Park Island Transport offers 2 ferry services from Central Pier 2 and Tsuen Wan Pier. On weekdays there is one service between Central Pier 2 and Park Island every 30 minutes, while on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays the service is every 60 minutes. On the other hand, there are only 3 services between Tsuen Wan Pier and Park Island each day. Visitors are advised to check the timetable online before going.


Park Island Transport websitewww.pitcl.com.hk/tc/index.php

Ma Wan Park

Ma Wan Park

With an area of 18 hectares, Ma Wan Park is located on the hills of Ma Wan Island. It is designed with the theme of experience love and harmony. It promotes positive values towards love and the community through elements of nature. It is built along the mountain, there are only wooden stairs that can take visitors from the bottom of the hill to attractions on top of the hill. This is why we suggest visitors to hop off at Kei Wai Primary School and start the tour on top of the hill (Heritage Centre and Hilltop Lookout) before making their way downhill to other attractions (Rainbow Wall)

Easy-to-Reach Index: star     Accessible Toilet Provided Accessible Toilet Provided
Barrier Free Index: star star   
Recommendation Index: star star star   

Suggested Length of Stay:

Approx 1hour 

Address: 45 Tin Liu Village, Ma Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong


Heritage Centre(Fong Yuen Study Hall)

Heritage Centre

After hopping off at Kei Wai Primary School, visitors can make their way uphill by following along Park Lam Road before turning to Fong Yuen Road. About 5 to 10 minutes walk will take you to the entrance on the hilltop. After entering the park, follow along the ramp to the Heritage Centre. There are varieties of artifacts in the Study Hall which are found in Ma Wan such as Tang Dynasty mud kiln, Qing Dynasty brick kiln, and historical daily living artifacts from the late-Neolithic period. Visitors can learn more about the daily lives of living in Man Wan in the early days. 

Hilltop Lookout

barrier-free ramp Hilltop Lookout

There is a barrier-free ramp in the park that allows wheelchair users to get to the  Hilltop Lookout and enjoy the view of Tsing Ma Bridge. Visitors can directions after leaving the Study Hall which will arrive at the Hilltop Lookout. The Hilltop Lookout is designed with the concept of 100 “flying birds” on the post that flew from all scenic spots around the park to the hilltop. The “big bird” symbolize to soar high, spreading messages of love and peace. Optical fibres are paved on the ground which appears dazzling at light. The Hilltop Lookout is the best spot to enjoy the Tsing Ma Bridge from the park.

Golden Mean Plaza, Sculpture Park, and Rainbow Wall

After visiting the Heritage Centre and Hilltop Lookout, visitors can walk back along the road they came from to Fong Yuen Road, then follow along Park Island Road and Park Yan Road to the front entrance of the park. Visitors who come by ferries need to follow along Park Lam Road from the pier before turning on Park Yan Road to the front entrance. The tour can start at Rainbow Wall, taking visitors all the way to Fong Yuen Study Hall. As you enter the front entrance of the park, go past the Golden Mean Plaza and Sculpture Park and you will see the Rainbow Wall, which is a 3-D painting created by 10 Italian artists in a month. You get to see different painting from different angles, and in total you can see 14 paintings from 7 surfaces.

Noah’s Ark

Noah's Park

The Noah’s Ark Hong Kong was built on a 1:1 scale according to Biblical records. Inside the Ark Park, there are 67 pairs of rare and endangered animal exhibits that are about the size of actual animals. The Ark Expo provides a multimedia experience to allow visitors to explore the magic of Mother Nature. There is also a place where you can see different models of the Ark from around the world. Visitors can also be amazed by the mother nature as there is also a place full of exhibits with the most  precious animals on the planet.

Easy-to-Reach Index: star star star     Accessible Toilet Provided Accessible Toilet Provided
Barrier Free Index: star star star star  
Recommendation Index: star star star star  

Suggested Length of Stay:

Approx 1hour 

Address: 33 Park Yan Road, Ma Wan

Tung Wan Beach/Park Island Pier

Tung Wan Beach

Visitors who get to Ma Wan by ferries will come across Park Island Pier, where there are several restaurants nearby. You can either eat in or take away to enjoy the food under a spectacular view of Tsing Ma Bridge. On Park Island Road, where it takes you from the pier to Ma Wan Park and Noah’s Ark, you will also come across Tung Wan Beach, its highlight is, again, the beautiful view of Tsing Ma Bridge. It is such a nice place for photos or just a lazy weekend even you do not plan to swim.


Address:Island Road, Ma Wan

Ma Wan Old Village

Ma Wan Old Village

For those who wish to have a taste of what it feels like in Ma Wan’s old days, you must come to Ma Wan’s Old Village. Its entrance is located at Ma Wan Park (lower hill part) and next to the Ma Wan Fire Services Department. Follow the ramp downhill and you will arrive at village. The village is now obsolete as residents has moved elsewhere. Yet you can still find traces of its history along old houses and shops, which is something quite rare in Hong Kong. As you step into the village along the left-side village road, you will come to see Tin Hau Temple, Kap Shui Mun Pailou (Memorial Archway Gate), and the old pier. These old memories and unknown past secrets are something that is very attractive for visitors.

Easy-to-Reach Index: star star      
Barrier Free Index: star star star  
Recommendation Index: star star star star  

Suggested Length of Stay:

Approx 1hour 



There are multiple big ramps at the entrance of Ma Wan Old Village, so we suggest that wheelchair users should may require others’ assistance. The village roads upon entering the village until you reach the old pier have a flat surface and convenient for wheelchair users.  

This old village was originally planned for re-development, so there is possibility that these architectures will be demolished in the near future. We highly recommend visitors to come and feel what it was like in the old days in Ma Wan before the area is closed for re-development. 

Tsing Ma Bridge

Tsing Ma Bridge

Spanning 2.16 kilometers, Tsing Ma Bridge is the longest suspension bridge with both rail and road traffic in the world. It has been voted as “top ten architectures in the 20thcentury”. Connecting Tsing Yi and Ma Wan, the bridge crosses over the Ma Wan Strait, and is one of the most important landmarks in Hong Kong. At night, the lighting effect on the bridge is definitely a must-see for visitors coming to Ma Wan.

1. Ma Wan Park - Opening Hours

Mon, Fri & Sat


Exploration Activity (Booking is required with a program fee)


Free open to public visit

(Entrance closed at 1700)

Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun & PH



Tel: 3446 1163

Website: www.mawanpark.com

2. Noah’s Ark

Opening Hours: 10:00am-6:00pm
Telephone: 3411 8888
Website: www.noahsark.com.hk
Tickets: $168(Adults); $138(Children between 3-11years old/ Elderly above 65years old)
  *Ticket allows entries to: Ark Expo, Noah’s Ark Park, Treasure House, Ark Life Education House, Nature Garden and Solar Tower



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