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Ma On Shan lies in the northeast of the New Territories spanning Sha Tin and Tai Po. It is named after the long saddle-like arc between the main and side peaks (Ma On means saddle in Chinese). The 700-m main peak is commonly known as the head saddle, and the 600-m side peak (the Hunch Backs) is dubbed the end saddle.

(Last updated: 28/5/2013)

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Ma On Shan line Exit B 
  Exit A 
Accessible Toilets in Paid Area


2. Bus

Bus routes

From← →To

Get off at




Ma OnShanTownCentre



Admiralty Railway Station East← →LEE ON B/T


Hung Hom Railway Station← →KAM YING COURT B/T


Diamond Hill Railway Station← →MA ON SHAN TOWN B/T

* Low-floor buses are provided

Sunshine City Plaza

The Sunshine City Plaza can be reached from Exit B of the MTR Ma On Shan Station. The 735000-sq-ft plaza provides large shop space and is the largest shopping, entertainment and leisure complex in the district. Passenger lifts and disabled washrooms are provided.

Ma On Shan Plaza

Ma On Shan Plaza is accessible via a footbridge which links the Sunshine City Plaza. The plaza is specially designed with a curved corner skylight roof which invites sunlight to create the mood of the sunnyNew Orleans. The classic merry-go-round at the centre is another attraction of the shopping and recreation compex.


Comments: The Ma On Shan Plaza has satisfactory barrier-free facilities with wide passages, disabled washroom and passenger lifts connecting to all floors are provided. However, more directional signs to show the disabled washroom’s location are needed.

Ma On Shan Park

The Ma On Shan Park is accessible via the footbridge connected to the Ma On Shan Plaza. The 5.5-hectare Park was built at a cost of $96 million or so. Overlooking the Tolo Harbour and Pat Sin Leng mountains, the Park is a popular recreational spot in the district. The park’s wheelchair-friendly facilities include the Marine Plaza,Tolo Harbour lookout, the Ma On Shan mining history display area and an interesting maze garden.


Comments: The park provides satisfactory barrier-free facilities with flat and wide passages. Most of the park facilities are wheelchair-friendly; a number of ramps and disabled washrooms are provided.

More spots to visit: Facilities nearby include library, sports center and swimming pools, all provide satisfactory barrier-free facilities.


Opening hours: 6:30 am to 11 pm

Tel: 2643 5320

Website : http://www.lcsd.gov.hk/parks/mosp/b5/index.php

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