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Visitors can follow the instruction for travelling to Lamma Island to reach Central Outlying Ferry Pier, where the ferry to Peng Chau is located at No. 6 pier. There are fast ferry and ordinary ferry. Ordinary ferry is more suitable for wheelchair users for easier boarding of cabin. While schedule of ordinary ferry are at a time interval of 1 hour, visitors should check the schedule before travelling for better preparation. Peng Chau with an area of only one square kilometer and over 5000 residents is a small island having an extremely quiet environment. Although Peng Chau is a small island, there is considerate number of temples on the island. Whenever there are celebrations of various temples, the quiet island will become bustling.

(Last updated: 13/1/2022)

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Ticket information and discounts:

Children aged below 3 (must accompanied by adults) (free of charge)

Children (aged between 3 and 12) (half price)

Under the "Public Transport Fare Concession Scheme for the Elderly and Eligible Persons with Disabilities" launched by the HKSAR government, eligible persons can travel on HKKF ferry at a concessionary fare of $2 per trip at any time.


Wheelchair accessible seats and priority seats on the ferry

Promenade, Peng Lei Road, Tai Lei Island

Start from the pier, walk along the promenade, turn into Peng Lei Road, and go straight on. Along the way, you will pass Seven Sisters Temple and the sea bridge to Tai Lei Island. At the same time, you can overlook the scenery of the opposite shore, including Discovery Bay, Penny's Bay, etc. The Seven Sisters Temple in Peng Chau was built in 1954. It used to be a wooden house area and has been one of the ancient temples that still retain the custom of worshipping the Seven Sisters in Hong Kong. Praying for children here is said to be quite accurate.


Short Comments: There is a sloping passage and stairs at the entrance of Seven Sisters Temple, which is not suitable for wheelchair access.


Address: Peng Lei Road, Peng Chau

Tin Hau Temple

Turn into Lo Peng Street and go straight ahead when you walk towards the pier from Tai Lei Island, and then you will arrive at the Tin Hau Temple. The Temple having over two hundred years of history is the most famous temples amongst other large and small temples in Peng Chau. It is classified as Grade 2 historical building. The day our team visiting the Templeis the Festival of “Tin Hau Island Parade”, which is one of the major events of the island. It takes place on the 21st of July every Lunar Year, when numerous residents of Peng Chau performed dragon dance in front of the Tin Hau Temple, together with the parade performance round the island which make the festival as if a small scale ‘Bun Festival’ with an extremely bustling scene. Other than the steps at the main entrance of the temple which are inconvenient for wheelchair users, most streets in Peng Chau are level and easy to travel for all. The original pictures remain unchanged.


Short Comments: Steps at the main entrance of Tin Hau Temple make it inconvenient for wheelchair users.


Address: 69-B Wing On Street, Peng Chau

Wing On Street

Wing On Street is the most bustling street on Peng Chau Island, with most shops mainly selling groceries, and a number of reminiscent restaurants making visitors feel like situating at streets of the 60s and 70s. However, there are steps in front of most shops which make it difficult for wheelchair users to enter. Following the signage at Wing On Street would reach other scenery spots of Peng Chau, such as the Dragon Mother’s Temple and Finger Hill.


Address: Wing On Street, Peng Chau

Lung Mo Temple (Dragon Mother’s Temple)

After passing through Wing On Street, follow the signage will arrive at the Lung Mo Temple located at Tung Wan.  This temple is of same situation as the Tin Hau Palace by having steps at the main entrance which make it difficult for wheelchair users to enter; while the Tung Wan beach nearby is also not equipped with ramp for wheelchair users.  However, it’s still refreshing to feel the sea breeze at the shore.  It is said that Lung Mo Temple is originated from the Yue City of Guang dong Province having a history of over two thousand years.  Many visitors of the Temple would touch the “Dragon bed” which is believed would bring good luck. 


Address: 15 Chi Yan Street, Tung Wan, Peng Chau

Secret Garden



The "Secret Garden" of Peng Chau was a leather factory in the past. It is a three-level historical building in Hong Kong and has been revitalized into an art garden. It is a great place to take photos.


Short comment: Users of large or electric wheelchairs need to be careful. Wheelchair users can enter the Secret Garden via Wing On Street, but they will find it difficult to climb the stairs to view the exhibits on the second floor in the workshop.


Address: 21 Wing On Street, Peng Chau

Restaurants in Peng Chau

Restaurants in Peng Chau are mainly located at Wing On Street, with small shop area and threshold or steps at the entrance which are quite inconvenient. Wheelchair users may choose those restaurants near the Pier, most of which have alfresco seats.

Accessible Toilet


The side of the Peng Chau Market have two
accessible toilets, and the Peng Chau Sport Centre
also has accessible toilet and shower room.

      Peng Lei Road (near Tai Lei Island) accessible toilet.

Festival Celebrating Activities in Peng Chau

Although Peng Chau is a tiny island, there are quite a number of temples on the island, with various celebrating activities whenever there is a festival. Visitors may travel there to experience such bustling atmosphere during the following festivals:


Lunar calendar 

Festival name 

Celebrating activities

13th of February 

Hung Sing Yeh's birthday

Incense burning and worshiping

23rd of March

Tin Hau’s Birthday

Cantonese Opera performances

17th of April

Lady Golden Flower’s birthday

Lion Dances

5th of May 

Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Racing

8th of May

Dragon Mother’s birthday

Believers and associations all over will come to worship, with gatherings in temples and incense burning making the atmosphere extremely bustling

7th of July 

Seven Sisters’ Festival

Incense burning and worshiping

21st of July

Tin Hau Island Parade

Residents will invite the Tin Hau Goddess be with the parade to bless the inhabitants of Peng Chau


When boarding the ferry to Peng Chau, wheelchair users must pay attention to the height difference between the ferry ramp and the platform, and must call the pier staff to open the mobile ramp at the same time so that their wheelchairs can board safely. When going ashore, the electric wheelchair must be held by someone to leave the cabin backwards.

Parking Spaces Designated for the Disabled

Central Ferry Pier     Man Kwong Street, Central x1
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