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Wong Tai Sin is originally known as ‘Chuk Yuen’ meaning ‘Bamboo Garden’. There is a ‘Red Pine Wong Tai Sin Temple’ in the district with numerous believers burning joss sticks for blessings that the Government has renamed the place in 1969 after the setting up of the Urban District Office.  Nowadays, Wong Tai Sin is a prosperous district in Kowloon East with a number of public housing estates and private buildings.  In recent years, other than Wong Tai Sin Temple, there are several hot tourist spots such as the Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery.  This route will start touring from Wong Tai Sin MTR station to Diamond Hill area.

(Last updated: 18/5/2013)

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Wong Tai Sin Station


Exit D1 (Public Lift)

Exit B3 (External Lift)

Exit C1 (Stair Lift)

Accessible Toilets in Staff Area



Diamond Hill Station


Exit A1 (Stair Lift)

Exit A2 (Wheelchair Aid)

Accessible Toilets in Staff Area

Wong Tai Sin Temple

Visitors can see Wong Tai Sin Temple when exit at Wong Tai Sin Station B3 Exit with ramps for wheelchair users.  The full name of Wong Tai Sin Temple is Red Pine Wong Tai Sin Temple or Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple.  The Temple predominantly deifies famous South Chinese Taoism deity Huang Chu Ping of East Tsun Dynasty; while at the same time, it also deifies Confucianism and Buddhism deities such as Master K’ung and Kwun Yam.  A combination of three religions thus becomes a distinguish feature of Wong Tai sin Temple.  The architecture of the temple has been classified as a Grade 2 historical building. At 2008, with the commencement of the two-years “Wong Tai Sin Temple Main Altar Refurbishment and Yuen Sun Hall Erection Project”, the Main Altar is temporary moved to Fung Ming House inside the Temple for the worship of Master Wong Tai Sin.  On February 2010, the project completed with the Main Altar moved back and Master Wong Tai Sin returned, and the Praying Platform reopened.


Short Comments: The wheelchair users need to inform the staffs and bypass Yuen Sun Hall to visit the Main Altar after the Refurbishment project.

Plaza Hollywood

Visitors can take MTR from Wong Tai Sin to Diamond Hill Station, exit at A1 to arrive at Plaza Hollywood.  Wheelchair users have to take the cargo lift of the Plaza at Sheung Yuen Street to reach the Plaza.  Plaza Hollywood is one of the largest shopping malls in East Kowloon area. Inside the four-storey shopping mall, there are facilities such as Marks & Spencer, restaurants, and large-scale cinema.


Short comments:  Although there are adequate facilities at Hollywood Plaza, lifts at the Plaza are a bit far away from the exit of the Diamond Hill MTR Station.  It is suggested that the Plaza could add more signs to indicate directions.

Nan Lian Garden

After leaving Hollywood Plaza, cross Sheung Yuen Street will arrive at Nan Lian Garden.  It is a park governed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department which entrusts Chi Lin Nunnery for managing, operating and preserving the Park at a nominal fee of $1 for five years.  Chi Lin Nunnery is also responsible for the garden design, building supervision and daily maintenance.  The Garden is built since 2003 based on the blue print of the pool and garden design of the Tang Dynasty, and is officially opened to public in 2006 with the opening ceremony officiated by the Chief Executive of HKSAR Mr Donald Tsang and the president of the Hong Kong Buddhist Association Ven Kok Kwong.  The layout design ofNanLianGardenis water as main body, with land forms like embankments and valleys as frame, and plants like cypress, pagoda trees and flower as theme, as well as a few garden structures for leisure purpose, making the landscape feature of the Garden focus on natural scenery.


Short comments: The whole Nan Lian Garden is provided with access ramps and washrooms for disabled, who can easily tour the whole garden by wheelchairs.  However, there still some areas that have the stairs only.

Chi Lin Nunnery

Visitors can take the lift near Fung Tak Road exit of Nan Lian Garden to the footbridge connecting to Chi Lin Nunnery.  The main characteristic of Chi Lin Nunnery is its timber architecture imitating the Tang Dynasty, which incorporates with the peripheral Hammer Hill Park and Nan Nian Garden making a large Tang Dynasty’s imitation architecture complex, forming one of the distinguish architectures and scenery spots of Hong Kong. Chi Lin Nunnery is also the only institution inHong Kongrecognized as a ‘nu zhong shi fang cong lin’, which is a nunnery open to nuns from all quarters.  The whole palace has three doors at the South, East and West, namely ‘Shan Men’ meaning the Main Entrance, ‘East door’, and ‘West door’, making the whole layout of the architecture as ‘three halls with one courtyard’.


Short Comments: The wheelchair users who would like to vist each hall can contact the staffs to take the lifts.

1. Wong Tai Sin Temple - Opening Hours:

Opening Hours
Temple : 07:00 - 17:30 daily
Office : 08:00 - 17:30 daily
Good Wish Garden : 09:00 - 16:30 daily

Inclement Weather Arrangement

  1. Typhoon signal No.8 or above: The Yuen will be closed. If the signal is cancelled after 2pm, the Yuen will be remain closed until the next day.

  2. Black rainstorm warning: If the warning is issued before 7am, the Yuen will be closed until the warning is cancelled. If the warning is issued during the opening hours, the Yuen will be closed. If the warning is cancelled after 2pm, the Yuen will be remain closed until the next day.
    Tel: 2327 8141

2. Nan Lian Garden - Opening Hours:

7:00am to 9:00pm daily

Tel: 2329 8811

Website: www.nanliangarden.org

3. Chi Lin Nunnery - Opening Hours:

Lotus garden:  6:30am to 7:30pm daily

BuddhistTemple:  9:00am to 4:00pm daily

Website:  www.chilin.org

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