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Address: G/F The Providence Garden For Rehab, 82 Tsun Wen Road, Tuen Mun, New Territories
Tel: 3511 0702
Website: http://www2.skhwc.org.hk/site/portal/Site.aspx?id=A8-612
Opening hours:

07:30-18:30 Monday to Saturday
Closed on Sunday and public holidays
Average spending per person: Less than $50

(Last updated: 3/7/2012)

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Enlarge map


As a social enterprise of the Providence Garden for Rehab under the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council, Café Fusion provides employment and internship opportunities for the disadvantaged group. It also takes care of customers’ health with nutritious Chinese and Western food. Surrounded by full-length windows showing nice scenery outside, customers can relax and enjoy their meal. Catering and venue rental services are also provided. 



A. Light Rail
Kin Sang Station
B. Bus
Bus Routes
KMB 58M*, 58X*, 960*

* The above KMB routes provide low-floor bus service

Comments on accessible facilities:

Get off at the LR Kin Sang Stop, move along Leung Wan Street in the direction of Blossom Garden and you can see the Providence Garden for Rehab. After entering its main entrance, you have to pass through several doors to get to Café Fusion. It is a spacious cafe with movable chairs but no disabled washroom. This means you have to return to Blossom Garden for the disabled washroom inside the mall.


     Café Fusion is behind a number of doors

Disabled Washroom:

1st floor of Blossom Shopping Mall

Attractions Nearby:

Hong Kong Gold Coast

To go to the Golden Beach and Dolphin Square, take the Light Rail and get off at the Siu Sang Station (more convenient for wheelchair users) or Tuen Mun
Station and then the K51 MTR Feeder Bus to the Hong Kong Gold Coast. After getting off, move along the road and you can reach the entrance of the Golden Beach and the long promenade leading to the Dolphin Square. Watch out for the inclined road section in front of the entrance and vehicles.
(Also read: Pages 57-60 of the Barrier-Free Travel Guide 2011-12)

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