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Red Seasons Chinese Restaurant

Red Seasons Chinese Restaurant

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Address: 1 Lam Tei Main Street, Tuen Mun, New Territories
Tel: 2462 7038
Website: redseasons.com.hk
Opening hours: 05:00-23:00 Monday to Sunday
Average spending per person: $51 - $150 or above
(Last updated: 3/7/2012)

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The traditionally decorated Red Seasons Chinese Restaurant offers walled village dishes at affordable price. Advanced order is needed for roasted suckling pig tucked with fried rice with dried shrimp. Other well-known dishes include freshly barbecued pork belly, pan-fried lotus root cake and nostalgic siu mai with pig’s liver filling..



A. Light Rail
Lam Tei Stop

610, 614, 615, 751

B. Bus
Bus Routes
KMB 53 , 63X*, 68A, 263M*

* The above KMB routes provide low-floor bus service

Comments on accessible facilities:

To get to the Red Seasons Chinese Restaurant, wheelchair users may take the West Rail Line and get off at the Siu Hong Station, then take one of the Yuen Long-bound Light Rail routes (610, 614, 615 or 751) and get off at Lam Tei Stop. After getting off the bus, cross the footbridge (with a ramp) and move in the direction of Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery. A ramped access is provided at the entrance. The restaurant is relatively small with no disabled washroom. A disabled washroom is available in the Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery, but a short journey is needed.



Disabled Washroom:

Ground floor of the Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery

Attractions Nearby:

Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery

The Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery was built in 1950, the three-storey Ten Thousand Buddha Pagoda is a subsequent extension. In 2010, the 7-storey main complex was built. Lift is provided connecting to the Lotus Shrine on the top floor. The Shrine is a unique blend of traditional architectural style and modern design. The Monastery is open daily from 9am to 5pm .

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